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Ken BKen B 

Leads and Opportunities Report

I would like to create a report that lists all Leads and Opportunities inline, including Opportunities that were not created via Lead conversion. This is not possible with basic reporting filters.

Is this possible? I have been told that this could be achieved through Apex and Visualforce pages, but I haven't found any examples anywhere. Is it possible to report on both of these objects inline with the same fields in the same report?
Balaji BondarBalaji Bondar
Hi Ken,

Create custom field on Lead and Opportunity(IsLeadSource = True) and map this field in Lead conversion Mapping.You will identify the Opportunities that were not created via Lead conversion if the field is blank.

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Ken BKen B
Thanks for the reply, but that doesn't help me. I don't want to identify which Opps were not created through Lead conversion. I want to see all Leads and Opportunities on the same report.

Right now I am running two reports:
1- All Leads with filter Converted equals False
2- All Opportunities

This accomplishes two reports that don’t have overlapping Opportunities. I just want to see them on the page, inline, not side by side.

Is this possible?