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Field Update

Hi All,
In our organisation we are using sales force name filed for displaying the some content and  it's length is 80 characters only.But now based on the requirment contenet greater than 80 characters data is truncating. so that i want do field to update it to 255 characters using another new field for this i used the workflow rules but it is not working.and observed that
1.We can't hide "Name" field from native page layout, and it will remain mandatory too.
2.We can't change the length of "Name (Native)" field of that object.

Please suggest if any another way to update the field

PratikPratik (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Satya,

I have a suggestion:

1. You can create a custom Text field (255 character) to store the Name.
2. Extract the Reocrd Id and Name field data.
3. Load this data to Custom Text field as per record id.
4. The existing standard Name field, you can click on Edit and change it to   Autonumber (the standard name field has text and auto number option). So you don't need to fill anything for it.


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Hi pratik and anoop,
Thanks for your responce..
i have some more doubts..
i done with the changing the standared field to "autonumber" we have one custom name field updated to that field everything working fine..

Please see below
we have following fields
a) Name field(Standred native field) (it will hide after doing autonumber instead of this i'll use Custom new field(c))
b) Name Code(custom field)
c) Name field(Custom new field)  (This field already have data i want to populate this data in the palce of native field)
d)Description(Custom Field) (Contains same data of Custom new field)

Using autonumber:

For some names we are using name field(a) "code+name in one field" for some names we are concatenating(b+a) "Name code + Name field" and dispalying result to user.

1) For "code+name in one field" it's fine with "Custom new field(c)" and name of label also same.

2) In another case how can i show Name label concatenate the (b+d) "Name code + Description"  Because Label name different i want to show only Name to "USER"

Any suggestions on this 2 nd bcz using these fields i have to do any changes.