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Daily Email Limit Issue

Hello all,

We have the following scalability issue.

We use emails internally to manage our operations and communications with clients, providers and internal employees. We have around 100 different types of emails that are sent programatically from APEX triggers, functions and webservices. Right now we send about 1000 emails daily and as we grow that number continues to increase (these are not mass emails, most emails are directed to only 1 recipient).

About a year ago we hit the 1,000 email mark for the first time and we basically had to shutdown our service because the operational emails couldn't be sent. At that point Salesforce increased our limit to 2,000. A couple of weeks ago we hit the 2,000 mark for the first time, but now it seems that the limit cannot be increased.

I have heard recommendations of using Pardot, ExactTarget and services like that. But, they offer a wide range of functionalities that we don't need and don't want to pay for.

Has anybody been able to solve this problem some other way? the important thing is to be able to send the emails from APEX code, having the flexibility of sending more emails.
PratikPratik (Salesforce Developers) 

You can go for appexchange apps:

Hii dfmia,

can you please check this app for avoiding  email limit in Salesforce
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