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Art SmorodinArt Smorodin 

Looking for a career advice

Hi all,
would love some advice from people in regards to future career. I currently work as a BA/SFDC Administrator. Have 3 years of experience working as an Admin and have both ADM 201 and ADM 211 certifications. Reason why I am looking for an advice is because our company is rather large (300+ users) but I am tied to the Sales department and due to high volume of requests coming from Sales I do not have much time left to work on anything else. I am currently the only one in the entire company to hold ADM 211 cert, and there are a lot of things I can do and help. Don't get me wrong, I love what I do, but I feel like I can be advancing much quicker and learn a lot more if I was able to get more exposure and work with other departments. 
So, in the future if I want to move to a more strategic position and work across an entire organization, what can I do right now to prepare for that? I want to learn more about Service cloud, but again I am limited when it comes to real life, hands-on experience. I do a lot of development work at the moment and planning on tacking DEV 401 in January.

Have any of you been in similar position? What did you do? What position did you move to next?
Would really appreciate any input.
Bennie CloudyBennie Cloudy
I think you should move to a Solution Architect role given you have handled the support for considerable amount of time.