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Suman MSuman M 

Limit Exceed Error on Community Registration


We have a community in salesforce, when users are trying to register to the community we are gettinig this 'Limit Exceeded' Error.

Screen Capture of Limit Exceed Error on community registration

I have checked the Customer Community user licenses for our Org, we have plenty of licenses left, what could be the possible reason for this issue.

Please help, Thank You.
PratikPratik (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Suman,

What type of Customer community licenses you have in your org? if it;s based on number of logins on a Monthly basis then check if it has exceeded the number of logins.

Suman MSuman M
Hi Pratik, Thanks for the reply.

We have raised a case with salesforce regarding this and came to know that this is due to one of the salesforce limitations on Pearson Accounts.

Salesforce limitation : A Salesforce user can be the owner of up to 1000 person account portal users.

In Our Org, once a user is registered into Community, we are creating a Person Account and User records for that user, in this process when we are creating Person Account record, we are assigning a default Owner to the record. So as per the above limitation the default owner is already owning 1000 records so when a new record is trying to get created this limitation is encountered and got Limit Exceeded Error.

Now as a temporary fix we have changed the default owner to an other user.

Until salesforce support told about this limitation, I'm not aware of this :).