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Ranadheer chRanadheer ch 

Hi I have a Custom object called AccountTeamDuplicate__c....in this object i want to pull the account team member records

I want to upload AccountTeamMember object records in to custom object .....so here i have a custom object called AccountTeamDuplicate__c...when i insert AccountTeamMember From account i want those records should get inserted into this(AccountTeamDuplicate__c) custom object ...  How to write a trigger for this ...please help me ...thanks
Chidambar ReddyChidambar Reddy
Hi Ranadheer,

Unfortunately, we can't have a trigger on Account Team Member

we have an idea posted on the IdeaExchange please upvote it https://success.salesforce.com/ideaView?id=08730000000YR8IAAW

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