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Joe ReyesJoe Reyes 

Developer Console Issue

Having an issue with running an APEX Class using the developer console.  Can anyone tell me what the error below means?

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Vishnu VaishnavVishnu Vaishnav
Hey Joy,

your image is not clear sp write down error.
Joe ReyesJoe Reyes

Long running operations did not complete, continuing in backgroud"

That's the page I get and nothing happens. I wonder if there is an issue with SF.

Vishnu VaishnavVishnu Vaishnav
Hi joy,

My undestanding is that in your class many type of loops are available , may be you have huge code in class, so thats why u getting this error.
its salesforce issue.so you can run your class using new dummy class .
Hi Joe,

Are you working on a Sandbox? Check this first: https://success.salesforce.com/issues_view?id=a1p300000008XFtAAM