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santhosh  konsanthosh kon 

I am learner of salesforce so plz help me for my question.if we are deploying 10 apex classes by Eclipse. if last apex class does not have 75 % code coverage then that class vl be deploy or not ?else all are terminated?

Shaijan ThomasShaijan Thomas
if you try to deploy 10 classes together. if one of the class is less than 75% coverage, none of the classes go to prodcution. the whole process fail
This looks like some exam question. Please do hands-on, read more about test classes/coverage, then deployment. Its very easy to answer your question. But these kind of answers wont help you grow (yeah, may be you can pass the exam). 
BTW, Thomas has answered the question.

The Over all coverage for the all classes should be 75%. 

Salesforce defines the coverage with the number of lines in an org. the (total number of lines of each class covered)/ total number of lines.
so if ur total coverage is above 75% you can deploy even if a single class is less than 75%