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Gmail Contacts

Hi All,
What is the best cost affective way to get the gmail contacts into Salesforce contact ?

Thanks in advance :)

I am not sure what the use case is but there are many apps on AppExchange that can basically do it. but if its for one time purpose,  you can export contacts from gmail in csv format and manually upload them into Salesforce as contacts.
Vijay NagarathinamVijay Nagarathinam

Follow the steps.

How to Import Gmail Contacts into Salesforce Step-by-Step Instructions

Log into Gmail
Navigate to your contacts using the dropdown in the upper left
Select “Export…” from the “More” dropdown
Select the contacts you want to export, Outlook CSV format, and click “Export”
Open the exported CSV file
Log into Salesforce
Click the Contacts tab
Click “Import My Accounts & Contacts” under “Tools”
Click “Start the Import Wizard”
Select Microsoft Outlook and click “Next”
Click “Choose File” and browse to the contacts file you downloaded in Step 4, then click “Customize Mappings”
Click “Import Now!”
Click “Finish”
Navigate to the Contacts tab and review your newly added contacts