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suresh dupadasuresh dupada 

How to Hide the Button through JavaScript or in Any alternative ways

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This is a standared page please share your view's 

I Would appriciate for any kind of replay............
suresh dupadasuresh dupada
Sorry this page was a custome page having <apex:ListView> component, then this button has to be Hide

Please replay your idea's
Robert ZentgrafRobert Zentgraf
Hi Suresh,

I think, you can change the object permissions for the required profile (User shall not be allow to create a record). So, the user is not able to create a record for this object.


(mindforce: http://www.mind-force.de)
suresh dupadasuresh dupada
But It would allow the user to enter new record from detail in case Travels__c(Object) is child to any other object then profile restriction will not work because it will not allow create new record from detailed page of the parent object