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Salesforce1 one/one.app delete record causing navigation error.

When deleting a record using the standard delete action while in the Salesforce1 one/one.app interface, the user is being redirected to the previously opened page in their browser history rather then (for example) back to the record list in Salesforce1.

Any thoughts on how to manage this? I'd like to avoid having to override the Delete action.
SonamSonam (Salesforce Developers) 
Vintara, I tried to test this use case on my S1 app and its seems to be working as expected.

use case 1: Went to global search> selected a case > deleted the case > I was redirected back to the global search result list

use case 2: went to case object > ran the today's case list view> selected a case and deleted it > I was redirected back the case list view.

Is this not how its working for you?