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ibm interview questions

suppose a recurting app as a adminstration object which consist of v.f pages connected to it ,a person who have all cerdentials same as system admin if he login in to that object ,he couldnt see home page,,,why and how he can see home page ...
why do we use junction object
in a oppurtunity object a standard filed called stage (picklist) with a value lose...and a custom filed in same object itself
now when the stage ===lose;
i want custom filed as a required filed automatic  how u will acheive this
ANS:i said using trigger 
if this is correct ans any one of u can show me how the code looks

if it
Ravikant kediaRavikant kedia
In above types of condition trigger is a long procedure If you want to make a field required best on picklist value then Formula is a best option. Write a formula field Like IsPickval(fieldname, value) 
Ravikant kediaRavikant kedia
Required tag is not possible on standard detal page it is possible on visualforce page to use required tag
Selct as a best answer if it solve your problem
Ravikant kediaRavikant kedia
Use validation rule for above requirement i am sorry i search your requiremt and i found that validation rule is best option for it.