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Sean Fife 9Sean Fife 9 

QueryOptions seem to be ignored with queryAll

I have this code (C#, .NET 4.5), which is pretty much the Salesforce sample: https://www.salesforce.com/developer/docs/api/Content/sforce_api_calls_queryall.htm
service.QueryOptionsValue = new QueryOptions();
service.QueryOptionsValue.batchSize = 500;
service.QueryOptionsValue.batchSizeSpecified = true;

QueryResult qr = service.queryAll(selectString);
The service variable is an SforceService object with Enterprise API version 33.0, and every time I run it, no matter what object I query, I always get 200 rows back and not 500.

Is there some setting you have to set elsewhere so it won't ignore the batch size?  Or is this just wrong?
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Sean Fife 9Sean Fife 9
Asked too soon.  "no matter what object I query" was in incorrect statement.  I found one that worked.

Turns out the objects I was trying to query were custom objects that are managed and apparently tied to an older API version that doesn't support more than 200 records at a time.