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Unable to redirect from visualforce page to salesforce1 object detail


I'm developing a mobile optimized VF page (with JQuery Mobile framework) which needs to run in Salesforce1 app. In the Object's details page, there is a link that leads to the mobile optimized page. However, when I'm trying to navigate back to Salesforce1 object detail page, using a link in the VF page, I'm unable to do so. A couple of points I noted:
1. I think navigating to a visualforce page (using a link in Salesforce1 object detail page) removes the sforce.one binding, as a result I'm unable to navigate back (I tried sforce.one.navigateToURL(ObjectId,'detail') method),
2. Not sure if there is currently any way to navigate from a visualforce page to Salesforce1 mobile navigation.

If any of you have faced/resolved this type of issue or know about it, please let me know.

1. You can check if you are out of the Salesforce1 context by checking if the sforce and sforce.one objects are defined.
2. The only way I know of to get back to Salesforce1 having gone to a non SF1 page is to use the URL scheme to go to a specific object - here's the iOS scheme doc: https://success.salesforce.com/06930000003vIt6
Madhanprabhu Thangadurai 1Madhanprabhu Thangadurai 1
try sforce.one.back(true); while navigating from Visualforce Page to your Salesforce1 record detail Page.