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rajeev bhardwajrajeev bhardwaj 

Sync data among salesforce intacct and avatax

What will be a good/possible approach to do the bidirectional syncing of data (e.g. products) among salesforce intacct and avatax ? If bidirectional syning is not possible then thinking salesforce as a single point entry how can I sync salesforce data to intacct and avatax server ?
NagaNaga (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Rajeev,

Once you have made the link between the account in Salesforce and the account in intacct which system is going to hold the foreign key/external id?

What happends if any of the following functions happens in either interact or salesforce:
An account is deleted
An account is merged eith another account
An account is deleted and then undeletedWhat are the required fields in Salesforce vs. Interact?

What are the field sizes of the fields in Salesforce vs. interact? (eg the Salesforce county/state field in Salesforce is only 20 chars long, what happens if the interact field is 30?)

How is the data going to sync with interact? live instant web service call or nightly update? what happens it it fails? what do you do when Salesforce goes down for maintaence or interact goes down? is this an issue?

What type of security or encryption is going to be used?

Are the number of calls to and from Salesforce going to exceed you API limit?

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