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vijay bhaskarvijay bhaskar 

diff b/w Manual sharing and Apex sharing

Hi vijay ,
if your object owd is private then you will find the sharing record in each record level wjich is standard .By clicking on that button you can share the record to a user or agrop of user ,and the process to share th erecord is manual sharing .

Apex sharing is to create share record for the particular record while creating or updating to share the reocord .

I think you  are clear now .


Bhushan Mahajan 5Bhushan Mahajan 5

vijay bhaskar 

Manual sharing :- the manual sharing is the sharing of record manualy one by one of number of users.

Apex sharing:- the apex sharing is the sharing of records by apex code the  but the sharing of records with users.we will editng code manualy is known as apex sharing.