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edge-query replied with HTTP 401 (Unauthorized)

I have created a dataset in wave which joins 3 of my custom object. I have uploaded the json file. It runs with no errors in data moniter. But when i am trying to open that data set. i am getting below error.

java.lang.RuntimeException: Error in Job ID query.cs9-app2-3-was.3y7qcU9Z6gj9oQVeRhr3ik: {"messageType":"Error","results":"edge-query replied with HTTP 401 (Unauthorized)"} 185962198-27785 (-1633278881)
SonamSonam (Salesforce Developers) 
Checked the error you were getting and looks like this is a known issue:

Please report the same on the site by clicking the "this issue affects me" button
The Issue was due to row revel security issue. Fields where we were applying security was not available.
Issue resolved was due to the fields we query were not visible in the Dataset. The Augement we were using was in different order.