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Upload CSV inserts new 'detail' records for every row

Hi All,

I have a problem where the data model i have is a custom 'Master' Object which has a custom 'detail' object.

What i need to do is be able to upload a CSV (using dataloader or whatever) - uploading the CSV will create a new 'Master Record' to represent that CSV, but every row in the CSV needs to create a new 'detail' record against that master.

For example, you could think of it like an order form (it's not an order form, but that's a good example) - I want the Master to be a record for the Order form as a whole (e.g. date received, customer, total cost of order, etc), then the detail records (each row in the CSV), should each be an item on that order form (e.g. product code, quantity, total cost, etc).

Is this possible??

In summary - upload a single CSV containing many rows, create a single master record and many detail records each representing a row in the CSV.

Many thanks,

Hi Nick ,

you cant load data to master and detail objects at the  same time . It has to be two operations.because data loading is supported for a one object at a time 

* first create the master 
* then the child.