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Jason McCarthyJason McCarthy 

Bulk Update within List View not firing Trigger & Handler Class.


I have a Trigger and Handler APEX class that creates an ID on a custom field on a custom object in my org that is not firing when you mass update records in a list view. The Class creates a list on all records in the object, using a custom setting i have set both the min and max values and the last assigned value for the records (the last assigned value is updated once the trigger fires for the ID that is created). What code should be added to tell the handler that the updates are coming from the List view, in a batch of records?  Im going to assume a few OR clauses that tell the handler that the updates are coming from the record OR the list view and then a batch sequence. I want to make sure i cover everything in the code so i do not miss a step.

The post will not allow me to post my full code. 

Praful GadgePraful Gadge
Hi Jason,

Just to get insight of your issue:
1. Have you added debug in trigger and checked whether trigger fires on update or not?
2. You want to specifically know from where the record is updated?
3. Trigger is bulkified?

Please let me know your feedback so that i can provide a solution.

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Praful Gadge.