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process builder fails to run on cloned record

Hi all, 

I'm not sure who used process builder yet. But I'm trying to populate a field call branch manager on opportunity if a field Office is populated. The process updates my branch manager and populates it on creation. However, when I close a record and save it, regardless of office was changed or not and regardless of branch manager is populated with previous value or not, process builder does not update the record. 

Is there a way to fix it or does it only work on creation and on edit? 

I spoke to support and they said to use formula critera and add

ISCHANGED( [Opportunity].Office2__c ),
ISCHANGED( [Opportunity].Division__c ),

NOT(ISBLANK( [Opportunity].Office2__c )),
NOT(ISBLANK( [Opportunity].Division__c )))

I have added those and re-tested. Still does not seem to work. 
Jason Curtis NBSFDGJason Curtis NBSFDG
Can you send some screenshots of your process--it would help to debug it. And when you talk about closing a record and saving it, do you mean you aren't changing anything just going to edit, and then closing it?
I'm sorry I meant to say Clone, not close. Here's a small snippet.  My process builder is super long. I have about 7 criteria and none of the criteria execute when I clone a record and save. 
 User-added image