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Rachit Kumar JainRachit Kumar Jain 

Lightning builder is not showing custom component

I was going through trailhead for lightning builder but when i install custom component its not showing in drop down list in builder. Also i try a appexchange app for custom controller but it also not showing anything
SonamSonam (Salesforce Developers) 
Do you mean lighting components? Is working with Lighting components enabled in your ORG? Please confirm.
Jean-Christophe LEGEAYJean-Christophe LEGEAY
I had the same issue.
Thanks Sonam, it fixes the problem. Mine was not activated by default.
Dharmendra UteshiyaDharmendra Uteshiya
Hi Sonal,

I am not getting option to enable lighting components in my ORG. Can you please guide me navigation steps to reach at the page from where I can enable lighting components.

Your custom Lightning components don’t automatically work in the Lightning App Builder. To make a custom component usable in Lightning Pages and in the Lightning App Builder, you need to configure the component and its component bundle. For details, see “Configure Components for Lightning Pages and the Lightning App Builder” in the LightningComponents Developer’s Guide.


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Sadaf NaumanSadaf Nauman
I am unable to access the article mentioned above. “Configure Components for Lightning Pages and the Lightning App Builder” https://developer.salesforce.com/docs/atlas.en-us.198.0.lightning.meta/lightning/ what this moved to a different location?  Looking for help with adding the custom components under the "Custom - Manged" drop down.