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Initial term of field of expression must be a concrete object

I am looking for some help on a trigger to update a field.  I have 3 custom objects (job, Employee, and Employee form). the job is the master to the employee and the employee is the master to the employee form.  I have a number field called hats on the job object and when an employee form is created i want to use the quantity field to update the hat field.

So far i have the following but i am getting the error "Initial term of field of expression must be a concrete object".

trigger updateHats on Employee_Forms__c (before insert) {
   set<id> jobids=new set<id>();  
   map<id,jobs__c> jobsmap=new map<id,jobs__c>([select id, hats__C from jobs__c where id=:jobids]);
   //List<Jobs__C>Jobs=new list<jobs__c>();
    For(employee_forms__C b:Trigger.new)
        jobsmap.hats__C= jobsmap.hats__C - b.Quantity__C;

on the employee object I have

label: Job      API Name: Job__C  Data Type: Master-Detail(Job)

and the employee_Forms__C i have

Label: Employee    API Name:  Employee__C  Data Type:  Master-Detail(Employee)

I think its because the job and the employee form object are not directly related but i am not sure and if i was sure i am not sure how to go about fixing it.  

Any help i would appreciate 
Shrikant BagalShrikant Bagal
Hello ,

at Line 
jobsmap.hats__C= jobsmap.hats__C - b.Quantity__C;

you are trying to access map value through dot operator.

it should be jobsmap.get(job.id).hats__c

if its resolved your issue,please mark as best answer so it will help to other who will serve same problem.

you are still trying to access the map directly using dot operator on the right .