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Sachin Sharma 3886Sachin Sharma 3886 

What is the benefit of callout ?

Hi Experts,

I am very confused about the word, Keyword Callout.

Where to use it ?
Why to use it? 
And what is the benefit it ?

Can anybody explain me. This is very urgent and i need the suggestion asap.

Thanks in advance.
Hi Sachin,

An Apex callout lets you tightly integrate Apex code with an external service by making a call to an external Web service or sending a HTTP request from Apex code and then receiving the response.
Apex provides integration with Web services that utilize SOAP and WSDL, or HTTP services (RESTful services).

Assume one scenario oen organisation was using SAP CRM ,Now they need to use SFDC .Still soem process needs to be done in SAP an ddat needs to flow to SFDC and vice versa .In that case basically you need to integrate with SAP with SFDC and vice versa or may be one way in some cases .

Second scenario suppose you wnat to store soem file in some external storege like Amazon S3,Google docs and BoxNet some thing like that .
So you need to integrate with external service with SFDC .

All above scenario we need to  do a call to their webservice is known as callout ,simple word we are doing a call to out of SFDC .

I think you are clear now .
To know some thinh more you can check the link below .

Let me know if it helps .