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Thom DimitriouThom Dimitriou 

Account Level Fields If/Then

I'm new at this thanks for any advice...
I have at account level, fields I need to be dependent and dynamic.  First field picklist choice will determine population of second field picklist.  After second picklist choice, defined fields will appear (based on choices from field 1 and 2).  Many fields are common.  Just looking for some basic guidance.  Thank you.
Vivek DeshmaneVivek Deshmane
If you want to go with customization then check below link and let me know if this helps you.


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Thom DimitriouThom Dimitriou
Hi Vivek... thanks!  So this cannot be done via the UI?  Backend code is required?  I am not a coder, but in bus dev trying to also build out the CRM for what I need.  Thank you in advance for direction.

William TranWilliam Tran

Out of the box there is only 1 parent level of dependency.  For example you have picklist A, picklist B, picklist C.

You can have

picklist A determines values for picklist B, picklist B determines values for  picklist C.


picklist A determines values for picklist B, picklist A determines values for  picklist C.

but NOT

picklist A AND B determine values for  picklist C.