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prem kumar 21prem kumar 21 

Free Messaging App

I want to implement a mobile messaging functionality in my app. I have searched similar apps on app Exchange but couldn't find a free one. Please help me out.

I don't think you will be getting free App for messaging. There are multiple options with paid model and you can negotiate with them based on SMS volume.
prem kumar 21prem kumar 21
Hi Sunil,

If possible, can you help me suggesting any concrete algorithm/code/reference/procedure to achieve such functionality for my app.
If you can provide me some reference materials or links,it would be very helpful to me.
I can avail paid appexchange services,but for learning prospective i want to try it.
There are multiple Appexchange you can try, here are two of them:
SMS Magic Interact | 2-Way Text Communication

Simple SMS

It should be easy to configure. See the 'Details' tab to know about the features available and knowledgebase to install and configure with your SFDC org.

prem kumar 21prem kumar 21
Thanks Sunil :)
Matthew Watson 20Matthew Watson 20
360 SMS App is absolutely free for the first year. They charge for the unique virtual number and SMS usage. Also, they provide 100 SMS under free trial to test the use-case scenario before you proceed for the payment.Take a look at the link- https://appexchange.salesforce.com/listingDetail?listingId=a0N3000000DpSyIEAV or for further inquiry contact- support@360degreeapps.com.