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Custom Email Button


I would like to make better use of the Email Function on the Contact record. The standard is that it is available when hovering over the ACTIVITY HISTORY.

In a past SF instance, I had created a button on the CONTACT for "EMAIL NOW" ... it was a little more obvious on the page. My issue is that I can't remember exactly how I got it to work so I am getting an error.

Here's what I have in the button:

I also tried:

While I get no syntax errors, still have it mapped incorrectly.

Appreciate any help?

Thanks in advance!
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Just tried to take the next step to map a specific email template ... I get the template but still have issues with passing the Contact:

&rtype=003 &template_id= 00X14000001pco4&p5=&save=1&retURL=%2F{Contactid}
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Okay ... here it is !
I seem to have helped myself (just hate when i can't figure it out)


Tie this to a button name of your choice and select specific email template to go along with it.
User can select button ... Contact will auto-fill along with any merge fields in the email template.

WORKS WELL for many applications ... hope it helps you!