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Naganjaneya Lakshman TadepalliNaganjaneya Lakshman Tadepalli 

How do I disable a Trigger in a production environment?


You can't make trigger inactive directly on Production, either you need to migrate your trigger from your sandbox or need to upgrade your pakage with inactive trigger.

debasis jena 35debasis jena 35
HI Tadepalli,

you can use eclipse for this.
using eclipse connect to your prod and take the trigger to your local system and in eclipse you will see one meta data file for that trigger. in that metadata file change status as inactive and save that meta data file. then click on trigger and its metadata file . and click on save to server/deploy to server. your trigger will be inactive in production.
There are two ways:
1. Deactivate trigger in Sandbox and then move it into production
2. Remove all logic from trigger and then deploy it in production(Ideally this is not correct solution. Its against best practice.)