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Someswara RVSomeswara RV 

How lightning will effect force.com sites..?

Hello All,

We are working on Force.com sites which we built on Visualforce pages and Apex Classes. i would like to know the impact of lightning on Force.com sides.. 

I would like to know one more thing, can we add lightning components to force.com sites?

Rakesh BoddepalliRakesh Boddepalli
Hi Somesh, 

The lightning experience wont impact any of the existing visualforce pages or Apex classes, they still contuine to work as is and will be supported for a long time, therein you can contuine developing in them.

Also with winter 16 release of lightning experience, the lightning components cannot be exposed on the web and invoked as a anonymous user. You still need to use Vf pages for this scenario.