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remote access authorization error saleforce1 ios

Hi All,

I have configured SSO for our organisation and we want to allow our users to use salesforce1 app on ios through SSO. 
When we add new connection in Salesforce1 IOS app it redirects user to our SSO authentication page. but after enting right
credential user sees this error: 'remote access authorization error' .

When user goes again on the server list and just click on our custom domain name, he is getting loged-in this time, without entering credential this time.

I am not able to understand why this is happening. Please suggest some solution.
I saw below solution but it's not working for us...

ShashankShashank (Salesforce Developers) 
You might want to check your connected app settings for some clues: https://help.salesforce.com/apex/HTViewHelpDoc?id=connected_app_overview.htm