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REST: Custom v External objects

I'm trying to understand the difference between External objects and Custom objects. The term "external" is used here a lot in this part of the REST spec:


I'm concerned with retrieving fields from a custom object and I want to get this by specifying the value for a field we've defined as an index field.

The terns "external" as opposed to "custom" though, are confusing the heck out of me - my custom object defintion isn't (I assume) the same as an "external" object...


buyan thyagarajanbuyan thyagarajan
External objects are objects which would be used for integration with external databases. So for e.g if you have an oracle database, you can directly connect to the oracle database using salesforce provided the oracle database has a web service exposed with odata format. so once the integration is setup, external objects would be populated from the external table using table structure or webservice structures.
custom objects are native salesforce objects which are created other than standard objects. So from your perspective , if you are trying to query salesforce from an external application, you should focus on custom objects. Can you explain to me what you are trying to accomplish with salesforce and why do you need to differentiate between custom and external? Please click like if you like my answer..