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Formula does not work in Lightning mode

Hi I have the following formula that works perfectly in classic mode:

HYPERLINK ("/apex/Test_Lead_Detail?objType=Lead&objId=" & Id, IMAGE("https://app.test.com/images/icons16/Test16.png","View in Test"))

,where Test_Lead_Detail is a visual force page bound to a Test_Lead_Detail controller. However this approach does not work for lightning mode.

If I inspect the element, in classic mode the html is 

"<div id="00NB0000001GhlL_ileinner"><a href="/apex/Test_Lead_Detail?objType=Lead&amp;objId=00QB0000001mI5q" target="_blank"><img src="https://app.Test.com/images/icons16/Test16.png" alt="View in Test" border="0"></a></div>"

But in lightning mode it's

"<div class="dataCol"><a href="javascript:void(0)" ontouchstart="javascript:{ var openEvent = $A.get('e.force:navigateToURL');  openEvent.setParams({'url':'/apex/Test_Lead_Detail?objType=Lead&amp;objId=00QB0000001mI5q'});openEvent.fire();}" data-aura-rendered-by="196:3421;a"><img src="https://app.test.com/images/icons16/Test16.png" alt="View in Test" border="0"></a></div>"

which does not repond when clicked.

Anyone has similar experience please? Thank you in advance.
Antonio ManenteAntonio Manente
I'm having the exact same problem. The ontouchstart event doesn't seem to be working when viewing from a browser. It works perfectly when I am on mobile. Did you ever resolve this issue?