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Workflow Rule - Field Update

Hello everyone,
I am struggling with a field update were I am supposed to update a field “A” (picklist )on the opportunity based on other fields “X” “Y” & “Z” (Checkbox) in the “Account”  object.
Scenarios are
So, if X is ticked for the first time it should update a Value as “New” in Field “A” Opportunity object
If X again is ticked along with Y(Y sold for the first time) it should update in the opportunity field A as “New” only as the Y is new though the X is already sold. 
My workflow is below written on the opportunity object

Need advice please

Sanjay Mulagada 11Sanjay Mulagada 11
Question is unclear, but if you want to do an update on picklist field using Workflows then you wil need to create more than one Workflow for each different type of field update,
First Workflow -
Standard Criteria: X equals True AND Y equals False AND Z equals False
Action: Field update on A to "New"
Second Workflow -
Continue in similar way ---
If you do not want to use multiple Workflows then use Process Builder, Using Process Builder you can build everything in one.
Hi @Jabeen, 

Would like to add one more point that field updates only updates same object's field on which workflow rule is setup so if you need to populate opprtunity field from Account fields it is not possible using single workflow.

Please let me know with more detail so that I can look in to deep.
Sandeep Singhal