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Laxman VattamLaxman Vattam 

how to handle time field?

How to take input for time on VF page? what data type needs to be used on the back end? what apex field needs to be used on VF page?
sandeep reddy 37sandeep reddy 37
<input type="date" />
<input type="tyme"/>
use this tages in vf page  you  will get input date time fields
Laxman VattamLaxman Vattam
Thanks Sandeep for the reply
As there are not apex tags, how to bind them back into controller? Will they show pop ups for calender and time selection?
sandeep reddy 37sandeep reddy 37
so  laxman decleare as data type is
public date birthday{set;get;}
and also write a java script  you will get pop up message for validation  
Can you see if the below link works out for you:


It uses Time class from Apex to do the trick.