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Amit Chaudhary 8Amit Chaudhary 8 

Platform Developer 1 Exam / Replacement of DEV401

I got to know that , Salesforce has recently introduced the Platform Developer 1 certification (DEV450) to replace the Developer (DEV401) certification. All practitioners, with the DEV401 certification, must complete the DEV450 exam during 2016 to retain a Salesforce developer certification.

Is this true as i dnt not got any email from salesforce / webassessvor that if you will not give the DEV450 exam then your DEV401 certifcate will expire ?
Pradeep Kumar L.GPradeep Kumar L.G
Hey Amit,
1. First of all Platform I is not replacement of 401.
2. Since previously 401 is called developer exam but no developer questions included in the exam. Salesforce introduced new exam called “App Builder Transition” which is completely Admin/Configuration related.
3. I would say “App Builder” is equal to 401.
4. Platform I and Platform II are completely for core developers, which is kind of new version for 501.
5. To answer your question, Your 401 certification will not expire if you continue to take 401 release exam.
6. If you hold 401 certificate I will recommend you to take “App Builder Transition Exam”.
More details here : http://www.salesforce.com/campaigns/success-services/developer-certification-in-progress.jsp
Let me know if you need any information.      

Abhi MalikAbhi Malik
Hi Amit sir am trying to write a test class for trigger can you please help me:
trigger :
trigger WorkerStatusBefore on schnja__Worker_Status__c (before delete) {
Class : 
public class TriggersWorkerStatus {
    public static void handleBeforeDelete(List <Worker_Status__c> AfterList){
        //Check access and attach errors to records that the user doesn't have permission to Delete
        Map <Id,Boolean> deletemap = UtilWorkerStatus.checkAccessList(AfterList);
        for(Worker_Status__c statusRecord:AfterList){
            if(!deletemap.get(statusRecord.Id)) statusRecord.addError('You have insufficient rights to Delete this Worker Status record.');

Utility Class:
public with sharing class UtilWorkerStatus {
    public static Map<Id,Boolean> checkAccessList (List<Worker_Status__c> record){
        Map <Id, boolean> accessMap = new Map <Id, boolean> ();
        //Check to see if the current user is an Availability Admin, If so return true for all Ids
            //Iterate through records, add them to accessMap with True and return it
            for(Worker_Status__c accessRecord:record){
            return accessMap;
        //Build a list of Ids of the scheduled Workerss
        List <Id> workerIDs = new List <Id> ();
        for (Worker_Status__c accessRecord:record){

        // Query to get the contact record of the scheduled workers
        Map <Id, Worker__c> currentWorker = new Map <Id,Worker__c> ([select Id, User_Record__c, Reports_To__r.User_Record__c from Worker__c where Id in :workerIds]);
        Id currentUser = UserInfo.getUserId();
        Boolean managersCanEdit = UtilGeneral.defaultSettings.Managers_Can_Edit_Availability__c;

        // Iterate through records, check to see if the user has access to change that record.  Add the Id and true to accessMap if they have access, false if not
        for (Worker_Status__c accessRecord:record){ 
            if(currentUser == currentWorker.get(accessRecord.Worker__c).User_Record__c || managersCanEdit && currentWorker.get(accessRecord.Worker__c).Reports_To__r.User_Record__c == currentUser){
        return accessMap;
Vijay Reddy 100Vijay Reddy 100
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Hi Vijay,
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ruchika maheshwariruchika maheshwari
Swain,do u have dumps for app builder ?

Which exam do we need to give after clearning the Salesforce PD1 exam ?
Amit Chaudhary 8Amit Chaudhary 8
I will suggest you go for PD2
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iyappan kandasamy 4iyappan kandasamy 4
Hi Guys.
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