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Hi could you please share any social media sharing like images

I have a requirement  that  I need to share the IMAGES from slaesforce to social media like facebook or linkedin  by onclick the share button 
Is any one have been worked on social media sharing.

Please post a  sample code or url.It'svery urgent

Michael WelburnMichael Welburn
Assuming you are trying to share pages that are publicly accessible, you'd likely need to conform to the standard <meta> tags that get consumed by the different social media websites when they create the preview to the content that is getting shared. Open Graph is the most popular one, but some websites like Twitter have additional tags you might want to set.

Take a look here for some more information - this is where you can provide the image URL (og:image).

Hi michael

I have done in facebook with the APi key's

But  I am stuck for twitter and Linkedin .I have genarated APi keys for both  

But its not working

Could you share the Twitter and Linkedin  Javascript code +HTML If possible .