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Deepu Gupta 29Deepu Gupta 29 

Data loader & export data id's mismatch

When i am exporting from data loader the uniqe id in 0067E0000028LZP this format.and if i am exporting same data from reports id is in 
0067E0000028LZPQA2 in this format.i want to know that what the last three digits indicate when we use data loader.?
sampath goud 4sampath goud 4
Hi Deepika,

here are two versions of every record Id in salesforce :
15 digit case-sensitive version which is referenced in the UI
18 digit case-insensitive version which is referenced through the API

In UI, it will always displayed in 15 digit format where as 18 digit will be used in the backend.

The last 3 digits of the 18 digit ID are a checksum of the capitalizations of the first 15 characters, this ID length was created as a workaround to legacy systems which were not compatible with case-sensitive IDs.
The API will accept the 15 digit ID as input but will always return the 18 digit ID.

15 characters will be used by all the legacy systems which in turn dataloader also used 15 digit.

Reply me if any questions.

Deepu Gupta 29Deepu Gupta 29
Thanks sampath,got the answer.