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Idea status changed.

Hi All,

I am having a requirement where I need to change Idea status to "Merged" it the Idea is merged with another Idea.
I saw documentation that once an Idea is merged with other Idea, standard filed "isMerged" become true on Idea record and Parent Idea also populated.

So I gave a try using trigger and workflow with logic that if "isMerged" is true change the status picklist field value to "Merged", but come to know that trigger and workflow doesn't fire for merge operation.

Please let me know how I can change status immediately. (Schedule class I am considering as an option when we don't have any other option.:-)).

Salesforce does not support firing trigger on Idea merging. We can also not setup workflow for idea merging. 
Process Builder is available for all objects but not for Idea. Consideing these limitation you can go with Scheduler. 

Sandeep Singhal