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Matty BMatty B 

Daily Outbound Email Limits

Hi all,
I see some documentation online regarding Email Limits that seem to contradict one another. I want to know the difference between sending email via a workflow rule TO A CONTACT NOT A USER and an email template and sending emails via Apex TO A CONTACT NOT A USER.

First I see documention here: https://developer.salesforce.com/docs/atlas.en-us.apexcode.meta/apexcode/apex_gov_limits.htm#email_limits_section which specifies:

Outbound Email: Limits for Single and Mass Email Sent Using Apex
Using the API or Apex, you can send single emails to a maximum of 1,000 external email addresses per day based on Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). Single emails sent using the Salesforce application don't count toward this limit. There’s no limit on sending individual emails to contacts, leads, person accounts, and users in your organization directly from account, contact, lead, opportunity, case, campaign, or custom object pages.
When sending single emails, keep in mind:
You can send 100 emails per SingleEmailMessage.
If you use SingleEmailMessage to email your organization’s internal users, specifying the user’s ID insetTargetObjectId means the email doesn’t count toward the daily limit. However, specifying internal users’ email addresses in setToAddresses means the email does count toward the limit.
You can send mass email to a maximum of 1,000 external email addresses per day per organization based on Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). The maximum number of external addresses you can include in each mass email depends on your edition:

What exactly is meant by the sentence "Single emails sent using the Salesforce application don't count toward this limit". Is this config via email alerts? Apex Code leveraging setTargetObjectId? Both?

Then there is this article: https://help.salesforce.com/apex/HTViewHelpDoc?id=limits_email_workflow.htm&language=en_US

This one seems to be a calculation for 1,000 outbound emails per day per license. So we have 90 which means 90,000 outbound emails? Or is this both for outbound AND inbound emails?

I've built something that will send an email to all contacts at the accounts chosen. But I did this via a trigger which updates the contact with a checkbox which in turn fires a workflow rule and sends an email alert... we could send to 10,000 contacts in this case so I want to cover the bases here as I don't want to hit a limit as we have Email-to-Case and that could cripple the support organization. Any thoughts?
Matty BMatty B
also wanted to poit out that this article talks about being able to check the Single Email Limit: https://help.salesforce.com/apex/HTViewSolution?urlname=Checking-the-SingleEmailMessage-limit&language=en_US

However I cannot find Step 6 in the Workbench: 6. From the options presented select:  /services/data/v29.0/limits

Has something changed? I would love to test this stuff out and see the remaining emails for the daily limit vs. having it be a black box.
Lucas Lu 4Lucas Lu 4
I've gone through this confusing thinking path too. Really appreciate if someone provide a clear rule.  
Hii Matty B,
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