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Bailey RuddBailey Rudd 

Need some help troubleshooting. Cannot drill down the application that is exceeding our API limits.


As a system admin for our small org, (17 users) this will be the second instance in a 2 month period that we've exceeded our API limits and have been cut off for 24 hours.  
From looking at the API Activity Report in the Administrator Reports folder, the highest call-outs that were recorded are either from Pardot (highest is around 5,000) and then there is one that does not have any client ID associated with it - it's blank...THAT one has one call-out at 8,000! How do I drill down what exactly is causing this without a Client ID associated with it? 
The first time this happened, I opened a case with Pardot because their features were deactivated and we thought that was the core issue- but now we realize that it's the API being exceeded that is causing everything to go haywire. 
Pardot's help desk told me that they don't run up against or org API, but the report shows different. Can someone please help me troubleshoot where these API call outs are being exceeded and by what?
Lokeswara ReddyLokeswara Reddy
Hope this link gives somelight on the issue.

You can even monitor API usage limit in your org.
API Limit monitoring
Bailey RuddBailey Rudd
Thanks for the link. It did shed some light on some things, but still unsure of how I am to pinpoint exactly what app/client ID is causing this so I can prevent it in the future from happening. Also, I do have my email already set up to receive any API usage limit notifications.
Bailey RuddBailey Rudd
The disconcerting issue that I have is here is having all major functionality completely shut off, and Salesforce refusing to support a trouble ticket that only requests assistance is pinpointing the resource causing limits to be exceeded because the out-of-the-box features do not dig down enough or are missing critical information items for me to do it myself. The reasoning from Salesforce is simply because we 'don't pay them enough'. 
So while my users are stuck with this disruption that keeps them from doing their day-to-day job, I'm not in a position that I can even help them. Without a developer on my team, and only myself as an adminstrator, I have exhausted all my resources.