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Elizabeth RuderElizabeth Ruder 

Converting Lead - Lead Record still there

Up until recently, when we converted a lead to a contact the original lead page would simply be a link to the new contact page. Now, the lead that has been converted is still fully there as a record and not a link. I am not sure how to reset this and looking for any guidance... thank you!
Bailey RuddBailey Rudd
Same thing has been happening to my org! I would also like to know what to do about this......
Prem Anandh 1Prem Anandh 1
It means, after converting the lead to contact, you are able to see the Lead record? is it your case?
Bailey RuddBailey Rudd
Yes, this is the same issue with my case. Not on all records though, I can't seem to find any similiarities between the ones that are still viewable as leads either.