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opportunity new button not appear on salesforce1

We have two Visualforce pages that were created for opportunities. Everything is working fine in a normal browser.However, only the edit button shows up in Salesforce1
All of the security is the same for both pages.(Note: Both the Edit and New button for opportunities have been overridden to their respective VF page).
Shaijan ThomasShaijan Thomas
Please verify that you have create permission on profile for opportunity
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HI Shaijan Thomas,
Already i given profile permissions to opportunity........... 
Hi Thomas,
There is 1 important thing you will need to check:
Make sure your visualforce page which overrides the "New" action on the opportunity is marked as "Available for Salesforce mobile apps". To set this, in the setup menu, go to your visualforce page (Develop > Pages), open the visualforce page there and there you will be able to set this checkbox.
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If we enable "Available for Salesforce mobile apps" Check box, it will directly display the visualforce page on opportunity new page with desktop version.We need standard mobile version page.

This type page:

User-added image
Hi Naveen,

If you are creating any custom visualforce page than this you need to handle by self in vf page. As Salesforce can show only standard pages in both mobile as well as desktop version.
For any newly created vf page, you will have to handle mobile version by self. 
You can update your page so that it can get aligned to both desktop as well as mobile version.

Let me know if it helps!