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Greg PoirierGreg Poirier 

Excluding SalesforceIQ for Sales Cloud (the Gmail connector) from Validation Rules

We've run across a series of issues with the SalesforceIQ for Sales Cloud gmail integration. It is a great product, but it violates our validation rules on creating leads and accounts because you can't populate certain fields (like country) within gmail. This means that trying to create a new lead (if fields are required by a validation rule) from within Gmail is not possible.

Here is an example, we've made an Account validation rule ISBLANK(BillingCountry). It isn't a mandatory field (which would be easier) in the page layout because you can't do that with "Country" (only address). In this case we're looking at a Pro Edition, so we can't lean on Profiles. SalesforceIQ logs in as a user, but does show up as "Application" SalesforceIQ in the logs.

Thoughts on how can we exclude SalesforceIQ from validation rules like this?