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Ankur Sharma 17Ankur Sharma 17 

Users having same profile and Permission Sets, one can see chatter feeds in Chatter Feed (custom) Report while other one cannot

In my app there are Two users having same profile and Permission Sets. I have enabled chatter feeds on custom object and also there are several feeds/comments in chatter of that object. When we generate a custom chatter feed report one user out of these two users can see feeds body in report while other one is not. I am wondering why this is happening, please help me what things/permission I can check for this second user?

As a first step, I would use PermComparator (https://perm-comparator.herokuapp.com/) to compare the two users just to make sure that there isn't a difference in permissions that isn't obvious through the UI.
Ankur Sharma 17Ankur Sharma 17
Thanks for quick reply David. I checked it with "PermComparator" and both of them (users) have exect same permissions on objects and as well as system permission. Nothing showed up in "Unique perms" and "Differing Perms". I am not sure what else I can check next.
Edwin De Frías SotoEdwin De Frías Soto
Hi, do anybody have suggetions for the error reported above?, I have experiencing the same.