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Removing comma while displaying the record

Hi Experts,

I have requirement i have two fields called Street(acitvity__r.street__c) and Town(acitvity__r.Town__c) which are formula fields, so while displaying the record, if i didnt enter the value in the Town field, comma should not display in the record. could anyone tell me how to do that.
This is my visual force line 
<td class="value" colspan="6"><b>Works Location/Address:</b>&nbsp;{!Non_Compliance__c.Street__c}&nbsp;&nbsp;{!Non_Compliance__c.Town__c}</td>

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Here you go: 

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<td class="value" colspan="6">
<b>Works Location/Address:</b>&nbsp;

<apex:outputLabel rendered="{! LEN(Non_Compliance__c.Town__c)>0 }"> , </apex:outputLabel>