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How to display multipicklist values as checkboxes in pdf

Hi Experts,

I have mulitpicklist field called REASON_FOR_CHARGE__c it contains values  almost 14 values those very lengthy so while creating the record if i select the value in the record it need to show in the pdf  as ticked as checkbox, for checkboxes images we stored static resoures ($Resource.Checked,$Resource.UnChecked)
, using those checkboxes i need to display and those values need to be show proper alignment in the pdf page,could anyone help me please.
srlawr uksrlawr uk
Hmm. It's quite hard to work out what you are after there. Could you perhaps post your existing PDF page markup that might help explain better what you are trying to do?

I think you might be interested in apex:selectCheckboxes - which are explained here:

That gives you checkboxes for a multiselect field from a record.

Otherwise, I think you might be interested in Visualforce iterators, (also covered in the link above a little bit) like Repeat and PageBlockTable - which you can use to output the values from a list (which you could turn your multiselect into in a controller) over and over again very efficently.. more info on those here. https://developer.salesforce.com/forums/?id=906F00000008mOEIAY