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rupesh ranjanrupesh ranjan 

dependent pick list

By selecting the value of picklist it should display different value in pageblock table
nagachandra knnagachandra kn
The question is not clear. can you please explain the issue clearly.
rupesh ranjanrupesh ranjan
give me the mail id i will explain you.
rupesh ranjanrupesh ranjan
i mean to say by selecting picklist value data will display in visualforce table
rupesh ranjanrupesh ranjan
Based on picklist selection, how to display corresponding data in page block table of VF page

some sample code please
Arun KumarArun Kumar

Hi Rupesh,

Standard approach: 
it is possible without code also. 
configure one depndent picklist in your object. and use the parent object as <inputfield> , all dependet will appear automatically, 
To create dependent picklist in standard way follow this link ;

OR if you want to create dependent picklist in dynamic way in apex then please follow this link 

Please let me know if the helps.

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