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Prabhu C 30Prabhu C 30 

T shirt

Earned 7 Badges and 10125 Points, how to claim for limited edition sweatshirt ? please email me @ prabhu.c@mphasis.com
Seshadri Sarath ChandraSeshadri Sarath Chandra
Hi Prabhu,
One you compelte 5 badges you need to wait for an hour to receive a mail from salesforce. In that mail you need to confirm your postal address and your preferred Size for the sweat shirt.
Hope this helps.
Anuj PatelAnuj Patel

You need to enroll on the following link.

so, if you havent enrolled, Go and enroll in the link with the email you have used in the ORG where you have all the badges. 

You will recieve an email right after you enroll. 
(I know this, because I did it when I was done just like you)

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Prabhu C 30Prabhu C 30
Thanks for your replies, I have not got any email yet...24 hours over by now. :)
Anuj PatelAnuj Patel
But Are you enrolled with right email ?
Rakesh ARakesh A
I have done 8 badges 3days back and my trailhead account assosiated with proper email address. I ddint get amy email how to claim for T Shirt.
Gowthami MohanGowthami Mohan
How to get T- shirts ? Can anyone share the URL ?