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Sharath Babu 13Sharath Babu 13 

ChangeSet question

Which statement about changeset deployments is accurate? Choose 3 answers

1. They require a deployment connection
2. They can be used only between related organisation
3. They use an all or non deployment model
4. They can be used to transfer contact records
5. They can be used to deploy custom settings data

Is it 1,2,3 or 1,2,5 ?

documentation states Custom settings but not custom settings data....Please clarify....

Amit Chaudhary 8Amit Chaudhary 8
you can not deploy the object data and custom setting data with the help of change set.
Leonid BartenevLeonid Bartenev
1,2,3 is correct. You can't daploy part of change set and can't deploy object data (unclude custom settings data)
Lucas CalegariLucas Calegari
I understood that answers 1,2,3 are correct.
But what does it mean to use "all or none deployment model" ?

I'm not finding the change set option in my developer edition organization.
Gug ChilGug Chil
@Lucas Calegari
to use changesets you need to configure sandbox environment, which is not accessable through dev.org ;)
"all or none deployment model" means or you deploy all your changes, or you do not deploy anything, in other words there is no options to chose what to deploy!

you can read more here