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ajay ambatiajay ambati 

regarding relationships

iam having to master detiled relationship and lookup relation for the objects. i have deleted both records so, the delete rcords go to recycle bin. now my question is i have get back deleted records from recycle bin using undelete so, is possible  to get both m-d-r and lookup object records?
which relation objects we can get pls hlp me?
The undelete operation restores the record associations for the following types of relationships:
Parent accounts (as specified in the Parent Account field on an account)
Parent cases (as specified in the Parent Case field on a case)
Master solutions for translated solutions (as specified in the Master Solution field on a solution)
Managers of contacts (as specified in the Reports To field on a contact)
Products related to assets (as specified in the Product field on an asset)
Opportunities related to quotes (as specified in the Opportunity field on a quote)
All custom lookup relationships
Relationship group members on accounts and relationship groups, with some exceptions
An article's categories, publication state, and assignments