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PageReference in Lightning Component

I created a lightning component that I embed in Community Builder custom page.
I called a apex controller function that will redirect to the Community Builder Home Page

This is my apex method
    public static pageReference redirectToHomePage() {
        pageReference objHomePage = new PageReference('/');        
        return objHomePage;

I'm not sure exactly how to call the Community Builder Home Page
I also get an error 'Return type does not support AuraEnabled'

I just want to redirect to Community Builder Home Page

Pinali PatelPinali Patel
Hey JKC, 

Did you able to find the solution for this issue? I have exact same issue and can't find workaround for the same. I am stuck here.
Priyank AnandPriyank Anand
Hey JKC,
I am also facing same problem. Please let me know if you find any workaround.